Peetah Morgan @ Babylon, Bratislava, 10.10.2014

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  • Monday, 13 October 2014 23:39
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Peetah Morgan had two shows close to my hometown Vienna, promoted by Ras Stvanec. I could not see the show in Vienna and opted to see the next show in Bratislava.

The show was held  at a club, called Atelier Babylon. This Venue is really great, best sound, best light, clean and good air ventilation. I wish we could have a venue like this in Vienna.

The show started with a local sound system "Fayah Soundset" and Dj Masaka. Masaka, really is a Dj-globetrotter, always booked all over the European continent, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany are just a few of the countries where he has played. Dj Masaka is respected where ever he lands his feet and with him on the decks the vibes grew after every tune he played.

But what a surprise it was, when suddenly Austria´s Dancehall Queen 2014, Janet Phoenix braced the dance floor. Her moves were on par, her artistic cartwheels and splits were impressive. This young lady really deserved the "Dancehall Queen" title for 2014. Although next time young lady, we'd want to see more than 1 short tune!!!

After Janet, Kuryol came on stage and seems that with a bigger stage and the audience he seems to have better performances. So, it wasn't surprising, that Kuryol immediately took over the Slovakian massive and had them by his side, elevating the vibe for the main artist, Peetah Morgan.

Peetah´s presence on stage was incredible, his voice marvelous, every single note he sang gave ones body a good vibe. The hit tunes of course were well known, so the massive sang along with him. The Slovakian massive really are different, I realized this at the Uprising Festival. They danced, jumped, waving their hands and flags in the air. This is how it should be. Peetah also felt this on stage and his vibes spread all over the venue.

I wasn't sure if time was simply running out so fast or whether Peetah's set was short. So, of course, hearing all his hit tunes being sung live, you'd want more wishing the artist would never stop playing live on stage. On the other hand I am not a big fan of the sound system backing, I love bands backing an artist, but this of course is determined by a budget. I wished I could have done an interview with Peetah but unfortunately both of our moderators were busy.

Well done Ras Stvanec and all the artists who performed on stage and the dance floor. I am glad, I drove to Bratislava to see the show, a nice town and its friendly people.

Written by: Yeke,  Photographs & Video: Yeke





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