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"Jami Dread" birth name, Stefan Prieler was born in Baden (a town just south of Vienna), Austria on December 22, 1989. Ever since his early childhood, music has always been an important part of his life. He grew up mainly listening to "black" music genres, like Hip Hop and R&B, along with electronic based music like House and Techno. His grandfather was a big fan of Jamaican legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh; so his exposure to Reggae music came during the most influential part of his life, his early childhood.

He attended a local elementary school and later on a high school and then a polytechnic school/college for software engineering in Wiener Neustadt. While in polytechnic college he realized that listening to music wasn’t fulfilling enough and his passion for making music began to emerge. With what little money he had saved up, he bought a cheap studio microphone an audio interface and set up his own “home recording studio” and began to “learn" autodidactic to record and to compose instrumentals and to mix his productions. Although he received no professional level training or education in sound engineering, his compositions started to receive recognition.

His first stage experiences were made with local sound systems from his school area. From then on he performed at many small and big local events within the Lower Austrian and Vienna area. At the age of 21 he moved to Austria’s capital city, Vienna where he got a job as a software engineer and began to invest money into his own recording studio. He started to work with the “HighSquadzSound” leader Oneil who recognized his talent and passion for music. He set up the link with the artist “Indecka” out of Lucea, Jamaica and fellow artists.

Together they’re trying to nurture their own label “Lyrical War Records” to bring it to a high level of recognition.





Singles, Albums, Riddim Selections


  • 2010 - Life Is So Nice ft. Chris Antonio - Trinus Records
  • 2012 - Guh Haad - Lyrical War Records
  • 2012 - My Own - Lyrical War Records
  • 2012 - Life Goes On - Sweatboxx Production
  • 2012 - Summer Body - Lyrical War Records
  • 2012 - Ink Up (Freestyle) - Lyrical War Records
  • 2012 - Money Christmas - Lyrical War Records
  • 2013 – Tonight – Luv Messenger Sound
  • 2013 – Badmin Ah Joke – Lyrical War Records
  • 2013 – Proper Tomorrow – Millvibes Productions

Albums, Riddim Selections

  • 2012 - Rum Bokkle Riddim - Lyrical War Records
  • 2012 - Summer Body Riddim - Lyrical War Records
  • 2012 - Rich Fi Di Christmas Riddim - Lyrical War Records

NamePlaySize Length
Badmin Ah Joke - Lyrical War Records - Jan 2013
(Jami Dread)

2 MB0:36 min
Ink Up (Freestyle)
(Jami Dread)

1.2 MB0:46 min
Money Christmas
(Jami Dread)

0.7 MB0:43 min
My Own
(Jami Dread)

0.7 MB0:46 min
Proper Tomorrow
(Jami Dread)

0.8 MB0:46 min
Summer Body
(Jami Dread)

4.2 MB0:53 min
(Jami Dread)

0.7 MB0:49 min




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