Etana & Mykal Rose @ Reigen, Vienna, 17.02.2015

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  • Sunday, 22 February 2015 20:02
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For many artist, Europe seems to be the utopia of reggae and to some extent it is, as it not only caters for all genres of music but diversely to a big audience and so with the tour coming to an end Etana and Mykal Rose certainly made Austria apart of their European tour all thanks to Bun Fire Squad. Mykal Rose a legend and a past member of the group Black Uhuru delievered an amazing performance this past week in Vienna, along side Etana who spread sweet vibes with her beautiful voice.

Seeing these artist performing live was amazing, Bun Fire Squad has really done an exceptional job every with every concert held in Vienna.
Mykal Rose being the artist that he is, with such a long line of history in the music industry as well as the reggae butterfly Etana, both in one venue on the same night leaves one speechless. These artist not only drew us all into the flow and vibe of the evening but took us on a spiritual journey. their presence and performances really have at this point left me wordless, for at times words are not able to define emotion.

Europe is not the only country that we'll be bring you more news and reviews from as from 2015, Africanlife will be spreading its wings from Africa too.

Mykal Rose and Etana were just what we needed, loved the concert. Rasheed and Bun Fire Squad thank you for your support and contribution to Africanlife, we're certainly looking forward to more.

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs: Lauren  Interviews by: Yeke, Lauren & Brian








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