Roots Music from Southern Africa @ Reigen, Vienna, 15.11.2014

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  • Tuesday, 25 November 2014 21:53
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The third year of Roots Music from Southern Africa right here in Vienna Austria. A beautiful line up of African artist staging performances that one rarely gets to see. This brought the night to an absolute hault, as if one were seated in a venue somewhere back in Africa and time just waited on this moment.

As the night drew closer to the opening of the festival meeting the artist was but only a pleasure, getting more insight about how and where all of their talents came to being. From different parts of Africa all these artist have their own dynamic flair about them, in a manner which their stage presence exudes and the way in which they interpret African music. From what one could say is pure traditional music into a more modern version. 

With titles that speak of everyday circumstance, Virginia Mukwesha left me and the audience astonished seeing her perform live, playing the Mbira an Africa musical instrument just had us drawn away as if in a trans of some kind, with the weight rising as the rhythms of her music brought us all into a state of relaxation we listened and felt taken away. Her unique voice and messages in her music have also earned her music a rating in the world music charts. Again a fusion between 2 worlds was brought together performing with the CHORyphäen Campus Chor Krems sounded fantastic from an African perspective.

Tshwalabenyoni from Zimbabwe shared the stage with Austrian musician Roland Guggenbichler, his music really took me back down memory lane, thinking of the deep rural areas of Southern Africa were the folk listen to Mabaqanga music. Real roots and Southern African folk tunes. The Black Messengers Afro Band is a great representation of fusion of african music, with all of its members semming from different parts of Africa, their young vibrant tunes brought everyone to their feet. Singing some of the the golden oldies from Miriam Makeba and their own composed songs.

In all this evening was one which heightened all spirits since we're all stuck in the cold bring some rejuvenation to some of our souls. Southern Africa right her in Vienna for just one night. Sometimes one wishes that there could be events just lke this one on a more regular basis and not only once a year.

Insingizi is the reason that Roots of South Africa takes place annually. Thank you to their teaming for putting together such a wonderful event once again. The artist that they stage in Vienna is always but a treat and merely but a taste of home and what one misses out on. This was an amazing evening, it was hard to dance because all I needed to do was enjoy live Southern African music!

We are certainly looking forward to Roots of Southern Africa 2015!

 Written by: Lauren,  Photographs: Lauren & Yeke, Video and Interviews: Lauren & Yeke







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