Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser and Alaine @ Reigen, Vienna, 22.09.2014

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  • Friday, 26 September 2014 19:29
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Two generations sharing one stage jamming together, bringing real music alive for the people. Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser and Alaine passed through Vienna this passed week leaving us all reminiscing on the wonderful show they gave us. This was one definately one of those rare events, seeing the finests together rocking the audience.

Jamaican born, Dean Fraser a legend, a contributor and an admirable musician, has been around since the mid-70's. Through is works Dean recieved a Musgrave Medal, award from the Jamaican Government in 1993. Having started playing the clarinet at the age 12, he later took up playing the saxophone at the age 15 and the rest is history. Dean Fraser has braced many stages, performed with numerous amonts of artists on the reggae scene, he has done renditions of  "Dick Tracy," "Have Mercy," "Shine Eye Gal," "None a Jah Children No Cry," "Armageddon Time" and "Natty Never Get Weary". His the Jazz man. Seeing him perform along with Tarrus Riley and Alaine Laughton was really amazing, 2 generations of artist rocking Reigen.

Alaine Laughton, might not have been born in Jamaica but she carries that spirit with her in every single part of her soul, having moved to Jamaica at the age of 3. Somehow there laid dormant within her, this passion of singing which she later took on, after being an investment banker. She has worked along side many throughout her career acting and singing and finally venturing out on her own, following her dreams. With this she has also been an inspiration to many and I'd say we really appreciate her shift in life for she has a purpose. Alaine's performance really blew me away, she sounds like an angel. There times when one gets to see an artist perforom live on stage and you're let down in some way, but Alain Laughton left no room for such throughts, she just simply evoked deep emotions when she started singing, lighting up many hearts. I loved her interaction with the audience. What a beautiful woman inside and out. She'll always be one of my favourite artist.

As for Tarrus Riley, I'd think that the Viennese massive were really excited and anticipating this particular show in Vienna. From a musical background Tarrus Riley leaves no room for error, his a singer/songer writer with a voice any lady would distinguish when hearing his musical. His energy packed performance had the Viennese massive going wild, singing along, dancing and just loving his presence. Much respect for the work these artist put into what they do. His music carries weight in its content that certainly has an impact on us all. Tarrus Riley, you've left me speechless!  

Bunfire Squad here we go again...Fyah all the way...thank you!

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs: Yeke, Videos and Interviews by: Yeke and Lauren








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