Yeke, a professional graphic designer and photographer lived abroad for many years based in the Caribbean and the African continent. Through his experience he learned to love the African culture and to appreciate the simple things in life. Besides his work at "", he is currently working as a graphic designer and photographer in the product and event photography.

Einmal im Jahr ist der kleine Ort, Harbach im Waldviertel, Schauplatz des Kasumama Afrika Festivals. Was macht dieses Festival so besonders?

The One Love World Reggae festival 2016 was held in Lignano, Italy. Lignano is a typical tourist destination, the most tourists are from Austria and Germany.

Thursday, 16 April 2015 19:59

Anthony B @ Flex, Vienna, 13.04.2015

2015 is Anthony B´s 20th anniversary in the music buisness. Keith Blair also known as Anthony B is a Jamaican born artist and someone who contributes in many aspects to the Rastafari movement.

There are singers, who show their talents during casting shows and there are singers who have the talent to live in the music and don´t need any casting shows to share their natural given talents. Akua Naru is simply one of them.

Peetah Morgan had two shows close to my hometown Vienna, promoted by Ras Stvanec. I could not see the show in Vienna and opted to see the next show in Bratislava. The show was held in a club, named Atelier Babylon.

Der Verein Eins lädt Sie/dich am 11. Mai 20144 um 20.00 Uhr unter dem Motto „SCHMÄH KONTRA RASSISMUS - Kabarett so bunt und vielfältig

Traumhaft schöne Farben, afrikanische Klänge und Rhythmen, herrliche Düfte und kulinarische Genüsse, so kennen die Menschen in Wien

It was in great anticipation of seeing this young musical phenomenon on stage, that we braced ourselves for the evening ahead, once again in Vienna with accompanying artist on stage, after hectic our schedules and a busy past few weeks we were glad that the day had finally arrived.

Straight out Jamaica on tour in Vienna , Garland Germaine Rowe a.k.a G Whizz came to give the Viennese massive a show. Sometimes one only wishes that artist like these would get much more support from the massive as the turn out was fine, but sometimes we need to support artist like G Whizz .

The flame kept on burning this year as the Bun Fire Squad presented Vienna with the Dub Champions Festival 2014. As our expectations of the event rose, but was quickly put to rest as soon as we set foot into the venue at WUK, the venue was full to capacity with the massive there to enjoy a night of Dub.

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